Our Story

Barnaby’s Restaurant at 713 E. Jefferson Blvd. will be celebrating its’ 50th Anniversary in 2019.   The success of Barnaby’s began in 1969 with George and Ruby Stratigos and partners Ron and June Milewski. Their vision and direction of G.M. John Spagnola (52 years) as well as the many long term employees has made Barnaby’s Pizza a family favorite. Proprietor, John Stratigos comes from a long and colorful family restaurant tradition. 

Grandfather Spyridon Stratigos, owned and operated the Stratigon Grille downtown South Bend from 1914- 1963 and built his family home at the current site of Barnaby’s on Jefferson Blvd. Grandson John and his daughter Johanna Stratigos are looking forward to keeping the quality food and friendly service to the next generation of families.

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